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    Jumat, 16 September 2011

    Tips & Trick Membuat Atau Menulis CV

    Format Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Curriculum Vitae or Resume is often called, in each country differ. This is because it is influenced by culture, habits, political views, as well as the rules are different.

    For example, to resume the standard in the United States (USA) do not need to include things that are considered to be very personal such as photographs, marital status, place and date of birth.

    While in Indonesia on the contrary, in making a resume or curriculum vitae, it must include marital status, place and date of birth, and attach photos.

    Here are some things that should be considered in making the Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Curriculum Vitae, or Resume for the company / agency / institution in Indonesia (both for companies / institutions locally, nationally, and internationally).

    A. Sequence Writing Curriculum Vitae (Resume, Curriculum Vitae)

    1. Identity (Personal Data)

    Include your identity with the obvious, such as: Full Name, Gender, Place and Date of Birth, Nationality, Religion, Marital Status, Height and Weight, Full Address, Phone & Mobile, as well as e-mail address (if any).
    Especially for e-mail, you should have it. If you do not have it, you can create email addresses in Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail (please click) or the other.

    2. Education

    Include formal education and training / courses you have attended; complete with year in and year out, majors, levels of study, and the name of the institution. The sequence starts from the formal education first, then non-formal education (training, courses, etc.).

    3. Ability

    Briefly describe your skills that are relevant to the proposed area of ​​work. Suppose you apply for a job in accounting, then briefly explain that you understand accounting and administration, tax system, regular work using computers, etc. it. Of course, the abilities that you write / indicate that you should really have. Do not include the ability that you do not have.

    4. Work experience

    Include a brief description of your job at a previous company, complete with rank, tenure, type of work, achievements (if any), job responsibilities and authority. As well as working period, ie month and year started and ended occupy that position.
    The sequence starts from a job (or job title or position) last.

    5. Experience Organizations (if any)

    Include the experiences of relevant organizations (corresponding or associated) with the type of job you are applying it. If there is no relevant, just skip this number 5.

    6. Work References (if any)

    If possible, include references, that is, those who can be contacted by the selectors job application to ask the important things about yourself (usually the name of employer where you worked before).

    Important: In case the inclusion of names of people that will be used as a reference, you should be very sure that the person really knows about you and will give positive information about yourself. If you doubt that the person will provide positive information about you, then you do not need to include the job reference (just skip the number 6 of this).

    7. Other experiences that support (if any)

    Include other experiences that support "your campaign". And should be relevant to the type of job you are applying it. If you are applying for the position of computer programmer, then your experience as Chairman of the RW or badminton champion, of course, irrelevant. So if there is no relevant, just skip this number 7.

    B. Paper, Letter, Photo, Supporting Documents

    1. Use plain white paper

    CV should not use a plain background image (bottom image). Better not use the CV form sold in stores.

    2. Letters typed with standard formal letter

    CV should not be handwritten, but typed. Use the letters to the size and type of standard (black), for example, font type Arial or Times New Roman.

    3. Recent photos

    Attach recent photograph size 3x4 or 4x6. We recommend using a color photograph, and dressed formally (eg, full suit with tie).

    4. Supporting documents

    Attach documents or evidence about the things written in the CV (resume), such as diplomas, transcripts, certificates or awards, etc. (supporting documents in the form of photocopy).
    In order for the attached supporting documents are not too much, you should select / sort the documents which are the most important and relevant to be attached.

    Important: If your transcripts are not good, then you do not need to attach them. Because the CV or resume is your self-promotion. However, if the recipient company's job to ask / require to attach transcript of grades, then you are "forced" to attach them.
    Conversely if the value is a good transcript, you just need to attach it.
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