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    Jumat, 16 September 2011

    Tips Menghadapi Psikotes

    For those of you who are called to undergo a psychological test, you should pay attention to some suggestions and tips below.

    Before Test

    You must be sure first, that the positions / jobs that will be entered through the psychological test that really fit with your abilities, and preferably also in accordance with your wishes.
    Prepare yourself with enough rest. Often, someone actually capable of doing the test. However, tension or body condition that is not prime, it can make the test results to be ugly. Therefore, you should rest a day or two prior to having become prime physical condition.
    Make sure you already know the test. Suggested a few days before the test, you already know the place, even see the place.
    Re-read your cover letter and resume, because there are some tests that ask you things associated with a cover letter and your CV. Do not let the answer is different with your CV.
    We recommend that you practice a variety of psychological problems, so you become truly prepared for the psychological test with maximum results.
    You can use the "psychological training" (please click) on this site for practicing a variety of psychological problems.
    Before leaving for the test, first pray according to your beliefs.
    Try to arrive ten minutes early, and do not be late. Also before leaving, do not forget to eat and drink in moderation in order to remain prime physical condition.
    Although not required, do not forget to bring writing tools (pencils, erasers, pens, and so on) and bring the clock (the clock).

    When Using Test

    Generally, on each answer sheet / psychological problem, you are asked to fill out the field names, dates, etc. it. Once you are allowed to begin to fill, do not forget and do not delay to fill, and fill out completely and neatly.
    Listen carefully any "speech / briefing" from the test administrator, and follow all directions / instructions. Likewise, the suggestion in any test questions, do not forget to read the instructions first, then you may test his work on the problems. So do not jump to fill in / answer the questions that exist, without reading / knowing how / hints filling.
    Do not be reluctant to ask the test administrator. When there is little that you do not understand the question, then ask the test administrator immediately available. And do not ever ask to the participants on either side of you, but ask to test the existing supervisors.
    Do not look at other people's answers, because it will make your results contrary to the conditions of real personal. Fill out what it is. For certain types of problems, the easy answer first.

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