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    Jumat, 16 September 2011

    Cara Mudah Menulis Surat Lamaran

    Many companies are looking at your resume or cover letter as the most important part of all your application documents. Because it's important for you to write a good cover letter.

    1. Individual Impression

    If you are planning to send your resume to various companies make sure you write down the correct company name in your cover letter.
    In addition you should also create a cover letter addressed to someone. Use a specific name and title if possible.
    On the Internet there are many examples of cover letter. Do not just copy these examples. Change according to your needs.

    2. Brief, Solids, and Do not beat around the bush

    Write your letter brief and concise. Use language that is easy. Use words that are commonly used (general). No need trying to impress your readers by using words that are difficult.
    Do not write your cover letter is more than one page. The Company may receive dozens or even hundreds of cover letter. Cover letter is too long to be ineffective.

    3. Neat and Clean

    As much as possible using a computer program to write your cover letter. That way you can write a cover letter is neat and clean, so easy to read.
    Avoid writing a cover letter with handwriting. Avoid using the tip-ex or the like in your cover letter.

    4. Contents

    In your cover letter, there are some things that need to be written:

    Opening: Mention where you get information about the job. For example, you can mention that you know the job of advertising in newspapers, advertising on the Internet, or from a friend.

    Your current job: Tell us briefly your position and current occupations. You also need to tell you briefly the main achievements in the job. In order to provide a better picture, provide quantitative information. For instance, "I charge five junior manager". You need to consider here, write only the things relevant to the job you are applying. Read well the requirements needed in the job advertisement. If the job you are applying for is in the field of marketing research, you may not need to tell your achievements in the field of logistics.

    Education: If the educational background needs to be informed, briefly write down your highest education. If you ever get enough education at school is known, it helps you write in a cover letter.

    Closing: In closing remind readers that you have a strong desire to get a job. There is a good idea to state when the best time you can be contacted for further processing. And do not forget to say "Thank you".

    5. Proof Read

    Proof read means to read back all of your writing and make sure everything is correct. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes, no words are repeated or repetitive, and grammar (grammar) are used accordingly. In the program you can use the MS Word spell and grammar checker, use it. "A spelling error in it can cause you to miss an important opportunity to get a job".

    Sources: infokerjas.blogspot.com
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