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    Jumat, 16 September 2011

    Yang Perlu di Perhatikan Dalam Menulis Surat Lamaran

    Here are some points to consider in making a good cover letter.

    1. Impressive

    Show us in an interesting identity. The letter should be able to create the impression of sympathetic, not too arrogant, but also not too humble.

    2. Attract potential employers

    First impressions are very important. Try to compile a letter that when one starts reading it, would be interested to know more what kind of criteria we

    3. Mention qualification achieved

    Work performance as well as successful experience should be mentioned, to show that we have accomplishments and experience that is worthy of consideration.

    4. Using the language easy to read, concise and solid

    Use simple language and concise. We have the opportunity to describe everything in the interview opportunity. For now, make a brief but effective explanation.

    5. Effective Sentences

    Avoid ineffective sentences, sentences that are repeated without any reason, spelling error, or use bad grammar. What often happens is that the use of the word repetitive information, or the conjunction of repeated, which led to the sentence feels awkward, which is exactly like the sentence you are reading now, which uses the conjunction "that" repeatedly and excessively .

    6. Indonesian alone

    If not required, avoid the use of English, especially if our English language ability is poor. If we are good in English, may be making a cover letter in English, which of course is a "plus" for us.

    7. The purpose and reason for applying.

    Include the purpose and the reason we are proposing. Usually the goal is often mentioned in the cover letter is that we have sufficient ability and experience in certain occupations, and by joining us to a company will be able to make a valuable contribution to the company.

    8. Tidiness.

    Use good paper, clean and tidy, not wrinkled, not thick and not easily torn. Do not write or print with ink that is too thin to cover letter easy to read, and avoid using tippex.

    9. Handwritten or computer?

    Better to use a computer, unless the company that we are headed requires that a cover letter written by hand. In order to obtain the quality of writing which is equivalent to the quality of writing of the printing press, we recommend using an inkjet or laser printer, and avoid using a dot matrix printer because it will give the impression we were left out in terms of technology. Use a standard font type, like Times New Roman to give a formal impression.
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