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    Jumat, 16 September 2011

    Tips & Trick Menulis Surat Lamaran Kerja/Pekerjaan

    There are many opinions on how to write job application letter that "well targeted".

    Letters of employment (job) can be created in two ways, namely:

    Job cover letter combined with the history of life (resume, curriculum vitae). In this model, including the content of biographies. Because the content be combined, this model is also referred to as the model combined
    Letters are separated from the history of life. In this model the life of the attachment. Therefore, this model is also referred to as separate models. Separate models are more widely used. Even in manufacturing requires twice the work, but the cover letter of this model is preferred because of job-seekers is not a long letter.

    Contents cover letter should be short, concise, not long-winded, directly on the question.
    Presented is that all things required by the relevant department lowongan.

    That it should be noted in writing job applications are:

    1. Personal data of applicants include:
    • Full Name
    • Place and Date of Birth
    • Address
    • Telephone and / or HP
    • E-mail (if any, not required)
    • Marriage Status
    Especially for HP Phone Number or numbers mentioned above, do not forget to write it down. Because the recipient enterprise application you will be able to directly and quickly contact you.
    When you do not have a phone / HP, then use the Phone / HP neighbors / family / colleagues you.
    This seems trivial but VERY IMPORTANT, especially for companies that really only requires an additional one or more officers only.
    2. Education
    • Formal education such as SD/SMP/SMA/Akademi/S1, etc..
    • Namely non-formal education and vocational training courses and courses

    3. Work experience

    If you already have work experience, mentioned in his cover letter, what is approached according to the department or in other areas. If it has not worked for the department's ability should mention the pinched by the owned capacity.

    4. Appendix Jobs Cover Letters
    • Attachments are all things that are included in a cover letter with the purpose to confirm or strengthen a recommendation letter on behalf of bodies or agencies that offer employment.
    • Attachments in employment cover letter is:
    • Sign Resumes or CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume
    • Copy of Last Degree
    • Copy of certificate courses / training
    • Recent photos Pass
    • Letter Info Police Notes (optional, but once there, the better)
    • Health Info Letter from the Doctor (optional, but once there, the better)
    Source: Recruitment RIZKI AAP, Arif Budiman's Weblog, Sri Wahyuningsih
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